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Layout & Auction Related Questions

When our kids were little, we would make up stories about the Muffins, and most jokes started with Mr and Mrs Muffin. When my son helped me set up my eBay account in 2000, he set it up for me as MrMuffin'sTrains - and it stuck!

We run trains every Saturday from 10 - 3pm EST. (Unless stated otherwise, please check our website or facebook posts for closed announcements

Yes, we accept appointments, please fill out this form to request an appointment.

Please note that you must bring more than 10 people to have your appointment looked at.

Nothing. Entry to our layout is free!

Yes! We do live broadcast at Facebook of our layout every Saturday at 2 PM EST.

You may also watch them at our Youtube channel.

Yes, please use our layout contact form and select "Layout Setup" and provide us with the desired size of your layout and any additional information that would help.

You will need to have created an account on our website or activate your account if you have already bought from us before and registered an e-maill address.

Create an Account: Account Creation

Log In: Account Log In

If you forgot your password, the "Password Reset" can be found on the right side of the log in page.

If you need an activation link sent to your email to activate your account, please use the account contact form to have one sent to you.

No. Please pay for your order separately as the auction items are in a separate building from the in-store items.

If you end up checking out with both items in your cart you will be invoices the different for the in-store items to be shipped.

If you are picking up your Won Auction items, please give it a few days after paying for your item as it will be transfered to our store location.

Please make sure to read following before sending your items to us.

  • Include your contact information in the box.
  • Unless you specify differently, the item will have an opening bid of the original dealer cost.
  • You will receive the winning bid proceeds, less an 8% administration fee, within fourteen days of the auctions' end.
  • Items that don't sell will be included in next months' auction with the opening bid price reduced 10%, and this process will continue until sold or you request a return.
  • Returned items will be shipped at the owner's expense. 

If you are still interested in having your items listed up for the next auction, please ship your items to the following address:

MrMuffin's Trains

Second Saturday Auctions

165 E Main Street,

Atlanta, IN 46031

It is important that it contains the "Second Saturday Auctions" in the label.

Store Related Questions

No. We don't buy used trains or resell them. 

If you would like to sell your trains, please visit this page.

No. We will not price match another dealers price. If their price is better then  you're welcome to buy from them.

You are always welcome to call us, email us, or use the "contact page to inquiry on a product that we have listed.

Both MTH and our system are not synced together. This can lead to MTH stating that we have a product on hand when we are completely out. Enter the product # in our search engine and if the product comes up with the "add to cart" button, we have it available. You are also welcome to call or email us to verify if the product is still available.

There are 2 meanings for when the "Pre-Order" button shows up on the product page.

If the product hasn't come out yet, the pre-order button will be displayed on the products page. This will allow you to place an order for the item in question. Saving that item for you for when it comes in. You don't have to pay ahead of time, unless you want to. (Just make sure to select pre-order at check out).

If the product has already come out or has been out for a while and we at Mr.Muffin's Trains run out of the product, the pre-order button will become available allowing you to request this item. Please contact us via e-mail or call to find out if we can still get a hold of the item in question, since the manufacturer might be out.

To place a pre-order please follow the steps on this guide.

If you are following the steps and you still have having issues placing a pre-orde please reach out to us via phone or email with what your encountering.

Excellent! Now that you have submitted an order for an item marked as "pre-order", now you wait! Keep an eye out for emails from the following:


MrMuffin (Steve)

All email address come from Please make sure you have them whitelisted on your email provider!

Give it 2 weeks, if you haven't received any notification from the above two, than your item(s) have been secured. Otherwise they will reach out to you letting you know if they are sold out or if you are on the waiting list.

Yes. Physical receipts are now included in each shipment if it was manually packaged. If the item comes in sealed in it's own box, we will not open it.

If you need a copy of the receipt, you may download a pdf version of it by viewing your order status on the website. Scroll down to the download button to get a copy.

This will depend on the status of the item, and weather or not it's on laybuy.

Lay-buy: No, we are unable to modify Lay-buy orders.

Shipped: Once the item is marked as shipped it is no longer eligible to be changed.

Not Shipped: If the item hasn't shipped out yet, please call or email us with your changes.

If you selected in-store pick up as your option, you will need to wait for an email confirmation letting you know when your items are ready for pick up. Once this 2nd email is received you only have 7 business days to pick up your item.

No. In-stock items must be paid right away. If you place the item as a pre-order we will issue an invoice with a 3 day notice of payment. If not paid, it will be automatically canceled. Please note that none paid in-stock items have a chance to be sold to others during the 3 day period.

If the order was placed on Lay-buy, this system will not apply to you.

No. We would prefer that 2 separate orders be made. If you do place an order of both type of items you will either be affected by the following:

- Item will be placed on hold till the rest of the order comes in.

- You will be billed additional shipping charge to release shipment of item.

This is a visual error as the second engine is not active on your order. You may check your order status page for the order to confirm what you do have.

What causes this? 

When we announce an idea for a custom run we put it on the website with a temporary name, such as 20-382MP-1. Once we get enough orders and the okay from the manufacturer, we are provided with the artwork and the official product number. We then update the orders to reflect the new product number to make invoicing and shipping easier when the product arrives. This edit leaves a second, removed, copy of the item on the order.

You are receiving an additional shipping charge for one or all of the following reasons:

  • You placed a big paid pre-order with different delivery dates.
  • You placed a big paid pre-order with in-stock items.
  • You placed a pre-order and in-stock item.

No. Accounts are not necessary but they do help track your orders.

More information on having an account here.

Yes, we can!

Please use our Account Related Contact form and fill in the information requested.

Yes! Our system now allows us to move orders to one account, the 2nd account will be marked as a duplicate.

We highly encourage having 1 account, if you need to update your account, please contact us via the account contact form.

With MrMuffin's Trains, no deposit is required. Just select "Pre-order" and we will order the item(s) for you from the manufacturer, then contact you for payment when they arrive and ready to ship.

Please make sure that you have a valid email address listed on your order to receive our emails. We will send you one invoice with the payment due date. If we have not heard back from you before the due date your order will be canceled.

If you need to split your payment or send in small amounts, we're willing to work with you. Please reply back to the payment request or call us at 765-292-2022 to discuss your options.

Yes, we do offer different alternatives to paying for your order ahead of time.

The available options are manual down payments or automated.


Our manual down payment system can be started at any time (we do recommend starting before the item arrives to us). All you will need to do is call or contact us via email/contact form and let us know how much you would like to start putting down. We will send invoices for the requested amount until the order is fully paid off.

You may also send checks if you would prefer.


Our automated down payment system can be selected at check out only. Lay-buy uses paypal to process and fulfill payments, you do not need a paypal account to use it.

Your options are between 30-50% down payment, to be completed within 1-2 months. Depending on the option selected.

The orders entered in our automated system can not be modified once the order has been placed. Please make sure that the items in your cart are the ones you desire to purchase.

To place your order on lay-buy please follow the steps on this guide.

If you are following the steps and you still have having issues placing your order on lay-buy please reach out to us via phone or email with what your encountering.

Note: Please make sure that the items in your cart are the desired items you would like to purchase, as items placed via Lay-buy can't be modified.

When attempting to check out you get auto selected a payment method and can't change. This means you have either signed up for "Shopify Quick Pay" or are using the "Shop Pay App".

We encourage using the standard browser version of mobile for phones instead of the Shopify pay app. As we have received reports of issues checking out via the app for our store.

If you are on a pc browser, please look here for more information on shop pay:

Please note that WE at MrMuffin'sTrains have no control or can see what is setup for Shop Pay. If you run into any issues please contact the support email on the linked page.

Shop Pay and a MrMuffin'sTrains account are not the same. Our system will only store your orders and shipping address not your payment methods.

We primarily use USPS or UPS. USPS for small shipments, UPS for large shipments or engines.

If your address contains a P.O. Box #, the shipping servers by default will be USPS as UPS doesn't deliver to boxes.

If you would like to ensure that your order always ships out via a specific shipping service, please state so in your note or email us.

Our store is open from Tuesday - Friday (10 am to 5 pm) Saturday (10 am to 3 pm)

USPS: Packages are dropped off by us. Post Office closes at 11 am EST

USP: Pick ups are only available between Tuesday - Friday. 2 pm EST is the latest for pick ups.

Yes, we do!

When you order from our store you will be able to select the ":USPS" - Invoice Shipping Quote" option to let you secure your items.

Will invoice you the shipping quote for USPS.

If you would like to pay for everything at once, we highly recommend contacting us to get the correct shipping quote for the product that you are interested in ordering.

We require the following information to get the estimate for you:

Product # and Quantity

Street Address, City, Province, and Postal Code

When ready, go to this contact form here and fill out your information.

If the item is a pre-order, we may not get the shipping amount until the item has arrived to our shop. You are still welcome to place a pre-order and not pay for it until the item has arrived. We then can notify you of the correct shipping cost.

The alternative available option will be UPS or DHL.

Out of town due to work or vacation? Just let us know using the Shipping Related Contact Form and select "Hold Shipment" option. 

If you don't have a specific date in mind on when you will be back to accept packages use the same date as your start date and leave a note "While notify when to ship".

If your item arrived damaged in shipping please make sure to keep all the packaging. Take pictures of the shipping box and the product. Once you have all this, please fill out our Shipping Contact form and select "File a Claim" option.

Hold both the packaging and damaged item till the claim is complete. Depending on the shipping provider the claim can take up to 2-4 weeks.

The full value of the item may not be reimbursed unless you requested for insurance to be applied. (Applying insurance will be invoiced)

At this time we don't have anyway to automate this request. 

If you would like insurance applied to the whole order or a specific items, please contact us via the shipping contact form and let us know.