[Good to Know] How to Submit a Lay-buy Order


If it's your first time wanting to place a lay-buy order with us, I am sure you are wondering how exactly you should go about this.

Here are the step by steps on how to get a lay-buy order placed!

Step 1 - Add the items you would like to start paying down into your cart.

  • We prefer if you use this option for items that aren't in-stock.

Step 2 - Next we click on the "Check Out" button. 

  • If you are local, you can use the "Pickup In Store" button instead, if you wish to pick up.
  • This is also the location where you may add any notes if needed.

Step 3 - You will be taken to the check out process. The step is called "Information" please fill it in, as this is how it will link the order to your current account or create a new account. Once done, hit Continue to Checkout.

  • This is also where you can log in, if you aren't already.

Step 4 - You will now arrive at the "Shipping" stage. Select your shipping method and hit Continue to payment.

Step 5 - You will now be at "Payment" here is where you need to make sure to select "put it on lay-buy". It will be the 3rd option on the payment list. Once you have select this option please fill in your billing address and use the "Complete Order" button.

*Once you select this, there will be another process that you need to fill out, including term agreements and a card for recurring billing.

Step 6 - Is your completed order status page. It should look something like this:

*Note that the blank card icon will display only on lay-buy orders.


Not getting the option to select "put it on lay-buy"?

You might have previously checked out here or on another store using Shopify and had the "Save my information for a faster checkout" selected.

Shopify has removed the opt-out feature. To be able to make changes please read here: https://shop.app/help/shop-pay

We are not able to help with this changes. As this is the Shop Pay system.

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  • Ramona Lara