Good to Know — Known Issues


Lionel Veranda Turbines

We have seen several of these engines where the truck mounting screws have dropped out. Once they are out, the motor moves around freely. I have found the best way to pit them back on is to remove the body by removing the 6 screws that hold it on - 2 in the nose; 2 in the tail; and 2 right aft of the "fuel tank." Once the body is off, you can hold the motor in place while you reattach the truck. We apply a little Walther's Goo to the screw to insure in stays in there while still making it removable.

Lionel Legacy AC-12 Cab Forwards

When you receive your engine, roll it over and check all the screws to be sure they are tight - particularly the three that hold the motor. They are recessed. On a couple of engines I inspected, they were loose.

[Known Issues] MTH V-1000 Smoke Issues

If you are having issues with your recently purchased V-1000 MTH Engines, the solution was posted on the OGR forums on how to fix it! Written by David Minarik.

Original thread found here: posted on 7/28/2020 (please follow the forums rules before posting)

[Known Issues] Lionel LH Switches anti-derailing fix

A fix to the Lionel LH Switches anti-derailing function.