Atlas 50'6" Boxcars

Hi there everyone!

I am sure you are wondering where your 50'60" Trainman Boxcars are.

There was an issue where our order to Atlas for these cars was missed, which lead to us getting none.

We reached out to as many other dealers as we could for some of their extra stock, but we were not able to obtain the amount needed to fill all our orders.

We filled orders based off of submission date, and those that did manage to get some of the items have been invoiced.

We apologize for the inconvenience. 

  • Ramona Lara
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[Cancelled] Atlas O 2001049 - Trainman - 50'6" Box Car "BNSF"

[Cancelled] Atlas O 2001049 - Trainman - 50'6" Box Car "BNSF"

[Cancelled] 52’6” Gondola & ACF 60’ Auto Parts Boxcar

We just got word from Atlas that the following runs have been cancelled:

Trainman - 52'6" Gondola - Announced Nov 7, 2018


Master - 60' Auto Parts Box car - Announced March 15, 2019

If you had an order for one please don't worry: we have updated your pre-order and removed it. If you paid for this item, you will get a refund.