Add-On Service - Double Boxing

Add-On Service - Double Boxing

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Product Information

This service is to add an another box to an item that is already pre-boxed. This covers the cost of the additional materials for double-boxing, extra handling necessary, and the increase in shipping as a result of the higher size and weight for the package.

How to know if your item is already pre-boxed: Each product has an "Individually Boxed" line in the product description, if it says "Yes" then the item already comes in its own shipping container.

What services does this provide:

  • An additional shipping outer box for a product that is already pre-boxed.

By purchasing / applying this service to your item you agree to the following:

  • Each product may require its own Double Boxing entry. (Depending on product size)
  • You have paid for the product the service is being applied to.
  • You understand this will cause a shipping delay for the item in question as we will have to locate or order a box for the product.
  • You understand that the additional box and packaging material increases the weight and size for the shipment.

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