Shipping Related Contact Form

Please note that we are closed Sunday & Monday. Shipments are picked up on Tuesday - Friday only.

We do not offer special packaging.

Items that are not yet released will not be shipped. Please do not use this contact form to find out the ETA on an unreleased item. Use the General Contact form for those questions.

If you need to have your shipment(s) on hold, please select the date you would like us to start holding your shipment(s) and the date that you are wanting them to start heading out. If you aren't sure on when you want them to head out, enter the same date as the start hold date and leave a comment staying that you will let us know when. 

Need to file a claim? Please read the information below the form for what to expect.

If you filed a claim, please make sure to keep both the packaging and the damaged product till the claim is completed. This can take 2-4 weeks to complete depending on the shipping provider used.

Note that the full value of the item may not be reimbursed unless you paid for insurance.