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MTH 20-3593-1 - NYC Empire State Express Passenger Set "New York Central" w/ PS3

MTH Electric Trains

  • 89996
  • Save $ 99

  • Road Name: New York Central
  • Product Line: Premier
  • Scale: O Scale
  • Release: May 2016

In Thoroughbreds, Alvin Staufer and Edward May's definitive book on the New York Central Hudsons, Al summarizes the attraction of this engine in a few perhaps-biased but nonetheless eloquent words: "The Hudsons had it all: looks, performance, and timing. . [The] forte of all Hudsons was power at speed.. That [the NYC Hudson] was the first of her wheel arrangement in the United States matters not nearly as much as what she hauled and how she hauled it. The Hudsons were designed to haul the Great Steel Fleet on the Water Level Route [the NYC's raceway from New York to Chicago, home of the 20th Century Limited and the Empire State Express, and the bane of rival Pennsylvania Railroad, whose route lay over the Allegheny Mountains]. The Hudsons were a New York Central phenomenon. They were a special machine for that special road. They were synonymous with the best. They were the best."

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