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MTH 40-1134 - RealTrax - Elevated Trestle System For Lionel Fastrack (8-Piece)

MTH 40-1134 - RealTrax - Elevated Trestle System For Lionel Fastrack (8-Piece)

MTH Electric Trains

  • 3495

Product Specification:

  • Product Line: RailKing
  • Scale: O Scale
  • Estimated Release: Jan. 2013


  • Multiple Sized Pier Sections
  • Fastrack or Tubular Track Slides In Place
  • Durable ABS Construction
  • Rises 6 1/2 Inches High
  • Simple, Snap Together Assembly


The RealTraxr line is now complete with the addition of the RealTrax Elevated and Graduated Trestle Systems. The 24-piece RealTrax Graduated Trestle consists of 12 pairs of piers, pier bases and track holders - each different in height to create a 4.7% grade that rises to 6 1/2 inches above a crossing track section below. The 8-piece Elevated Trestle consists of 8 trestle piers of the same height, so that you can maintain the maximum height reached by the 24-piece system for a longer distance. Each RealTrax section simply slides into the track holder. No track mounting screws are necessary to attach track to the piers. Now you may add verticality to your RealTrax layout as easily as with other trestle systems. The RealTraxr Trestle System is also compatible with tubular track. Almost all O-gauge model railroaders may enjoy the realism, flexibility and simplicity of its design. Features: -Multiple Sized Pier Sections -RealTraxr and O-gauge Tubular Track Slide In Place -Durable ABS Construction -Rises 6 1/2 Inches High -Simple, Snap Together Assembly -Accepts Any O Gauge Track Type

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