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MTH 50-1028 - DCS Commander Controller

MTH 50-1028 - DCS Commander Controller

  • 17995

  • Product Line: DCS
  • Estimated Release: Oct. 2013
  • Speed adjustment in one-scale-mile-per hour steps
  • Independent feature control: tune your engines' sound, lights, smoke and acceleration/deceleration settings
  • Smoke on/off
  • Doppler sounds: simulate the classic sound effect of a train approaching and then whizzing past
  • Accent sounds: activate any one of 7 individual sounds, including signal forward and reverse sounds, coupler slack, engine start-up and shut-down, engine labor and drift
  • Activate Passenger Station and Freight Yard Sounds
  • Individual locomotive control: select up to 10 Proto-Sound 3.0 engines
  • Selectable control configurations: choose between analog DC, DCC and DCS modes

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