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Atlas O 3006310 - Jindo 53' Container "CSX" (How Tomorrow Moves) New Road Number for 2018

Atlas Model Railroad Company

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Product Specification:

  • Road Name: "CSX" (How Tomorrow Moves)
  • Road Number: 232545, 323557, 323575, 232579, 232632, 232841
  • System: 3-Rail
  • Product Line: Atlas O
  • Scale: O Scale
  • Estimated Release: 4th Quarter 2018

Six road numbers are available per road name.


  • All steel corrugated design
  • Separate door bars
  • Accurate lower rail for the 110" IH version
  • Two roof variations
  • Accurate painting and printing


These containers are a perfect fit for the Atlas O Maxi-IV Well Car!

Contemporary domestic intermodal operations are based on the 53’ long dry-van container.

Atlas Model now introduces an entirely different 53’ steel-bodied container in O scale, the CIMC 53. Present operators include Norfolk Southern, Union Pacific and the recent UMAX.

Jindo Manufacturing of Korea, already a producer of maritime ISO containers, began producing steel corrugated containers for domestic use in the USA during the 1990s. In 2004, Jindo introduced an improved 53’ container with an inside height of 110”. The new interior height was intended to narrow the cubic foot competition with highway trailers at the time.

The differences between the Jindo 53’ 110” IH and Jindo’s previous 53’ container can be seen in the tunnel height under the front wall and the lower side rail extensions. The 53’ 110” IH container has been produced in far larger quantities than it non-110” predecessor.  Atlas is proud to bring this model to O scale!

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