Atlas O/HO/N 0200 - Snap Relay - controls power - Second-Hand-DS0200

Atlas O/HO/N 0200 - Snap Relay - controls power - Second-Hand-DS0200

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Product Information

This comes to us from a private collection - you can buy up to 40 as a multiple of your winning bid. 

  • Product #: 0200
  • Product Line: Atlas HO

A double-pole, double-throw relay with actuating mechanism driven by a momentary-power, twin coil solenoid. (A solenoid is a cylindrical coil of insulated wire in which an iron core is made to move back and forth by a flow of electric current.) With just a few simple connections, this small device, which may be mounted anywhere, can:

  • Power the frogs on Atlas' Mark 3 & Code 83 #6 turnouts
  • Control trackside signal lamps to show turnout point positions
  • Operate control panel lamps to show settings of remotely located turnouts (switches)
  • Provide selective track siding control. Sidings are powered only when points are aligned for siding. Siding remains dead when points are set for the mainline.
  • Control X-sections automatically. This very useful track arrangement is thoroughly discussed in Atlas' Complete Wiring Book.

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