[Cancelled] LionsScale Cancellation

We just got word from Lionel that the following items have been cancelled and will not be produced:

318120       Rutland PS-1 Boxcar 6 Pack

318210       FGE Woodside Reefer 6 Pack

318090       Vesuvius Crucible PS-1 Boxcar 6 Pack

317280       Union Pacific Lionscale Stock Car 6 Pack

317290       Portland Terminal Woodchip Hopper 6 Pack

317300       Chessie Woodchip Hopper 6 Pack

317310       GM&O Woodchip Hopper 6 Pack

317320       Western Maryland Woodchip Hopper 6 Pack

318220       PFE Woodslde Reefer 6 Pack

318230       Swift Woodside Reefer 6 Pack

318240       Rath Woodside Reefer 6 Pack

318100       EJ&E PS-1 Boxcar 6 Pack

318110       Monon PS-1 Boxcar 6 Pack

If you have ordered for one please don't worry: we have updated your pre-order and removed it. If you paid for this items you will get a refund/credit back.