Pre-Order Policy

All customers (referred to herein as "customer" or by the pronouns "you" or "your") placing a pre-order order with MrMuffinsTrains LLC (referred to herein as "MrMuffinsTrains" or by the pronouns "we" or "our"), customer agrees to these Terms and Conditions.

Catalog Due Date:

  • Catalog due date is usually our last day to guarantee obtaining a product from the manufacturer.
  • Pre-ordering an item before the catalog due date would guarantee your reserving/obtaining the item.
  • For very limited items, like custom runs, we may close the pre-order early if we meet the pre-order limit.
  • We encourage all customers to place their pre-orders as soon as possible. No payment is required. There is a "pre-order" button in the check out screen.

Estimated Release Date:

The estimated release date is provided by the manufacture when the catalog is released/announced. Products may arrive sooner or later than the estimated release date.

    How Pre-Order Process Works:

    • You place your pre-order via the online website. Either paying for it in full or using the "pre-order and pay when ready to ship" option.
    • Once the item comes in, we will do the following depending on the check out option;
    If paid: All qualifying items will be shipped out. 
    • If the pre-order contains to many items with different delivery dates, your items will be shipped out till the amount of paid shipping funds is used. Any overage will be billed to you, to release shipment. 
    If not paid: An invoice with all the arrived items will be sent to the email registered to your account. Shipping is calculated for the total invoice. Items will be shipped out once paid.
    How to Submit a Pre-Order: Guide Here
    How to Submit a Lay-buy Order: Guide Here

      Pre-Order Price Guarantee:

      If the price for the item increases at any time after you have placed the order, you are guaranteed to be billed for the pre-order price. This doesn't apply if you cancelled the pre-order and then placed a new order. This does not apply in the case of an increase by the manufacturer; if the manufacturer raises the cost for the item, you will be given the option to take it at the new price or cancel the preorder. 


        • Once we confirm your pre-order (order confirmation email), the order is binding. We expect that you honor your agreement to pay for item(s) you pre-ordered when they are ready to ship.
        • We understand that certain circumstances may happen that would affect your ability to pay for the items ordered. Please, email us as soon as possible to discuss down payments or to cancel the order.
        • We reserve the right to cancel all of your pre-orders or restrict future pre-orders if we deemed that you have cancelled too many.


        • An invoice will be sent to the email address provided in your account. You are responsible to check your email inbox, send payment on time, and reply to our emails requesting additional information. We are not responsible for any undelivered email caused by your email server failure.
        • We will give 15 days to complete payment for most pre-order items. After 15 days have passed, we will cancel/refund all remaining pre-order invoices. See exception below.
        • For high demand items and custom runs, we will give 7 days to complete the payment. After 7 days have passed, we will cancel/refund all remaining pre-order invoices. See exception below.

        *Exception: You are already on a down payment plan, such as manual down payment or Lay-buy.


        • We reserve the right at any time to cancel all or part of an undelivered portion of your order.
        • Some of the reasons are as follows:
        Pre-order is placed after catalog due date
        Manufacture/Distributor cancel order for any reason, IE: Limited availability, out of stock, etc.
        Customer cancels too many pre-order items.
          • Order fulfillment would prioritize pre-orders placed before catalog due date, than first come first serve basis.

          Holding Period:

          We would like to have all items out as soon as they are paid for within the month.

          Handling Time:

          We typically ship all of our orders within 1-2 business days. However, when new items arrive, we have a surge of shipments due to paid pre-orders. We ask customers to please be patient as we need additional time to handle pre-order items.

          PayPal for Preorders:

          PayPal's terms of service restrict refunds to 180 days after the order was placed. If you choose to pay for a pre-order with PayPal, and then cancel it after the 180-day refund window, we will provide store credit instead of a refund.
          If you want to pay for an order with PayPal, we recommend waiting until the product arrives to do so. Instead of selecting PayPal at check-out, select the "Preorder and pay when it's ready to ship" option; we'll email an invoice when the product arrives, and you can pay for it with PayPal at that time. 


          Revised for paid pre-orders: 9/28/2022