Custom by Harry Service List

Interested in having Harry customize your trains? Please read the information below before requesting a service.

  • All services are non refundable.
  • Item being sent to Harry must be in an order by themselves. The order will be updated with any additional service fees.
  • Order must contain your shipping address, not Harry's. 
  • All services & item must be paid upfront before it is sent to Harry.
  • All orders will have full insurance coverage applied, this will be added to your order total.
  • Shipping: All items will be shipped directly to Harry once service is confirmed. In most cases you will not receive or see this notification. Once Harry has completed your request, a shipping label will be created on the original service order request. An email with tracking will be sent to you to follow. (Items are shipped to Harry same day or the next when the order is paid)
  • You will receive direct contact from "", to follow up with you on confirming your services before it is sent to Harry.
  • You are welcome to contact Ramona with the services you would like applied or place your order with just the item and a note of what you would like done. Ramona will follow up with you to confirm your order.

Price List




Rolling Stock

Weathering Light: $110.00

Weathering Medium: $110.00

Weathering Heavy: $110.00

Lettering: $150.00**

Re-Lettering: $200.00**

Enhanced Coal Load: $15.00

Cab Curtains, Wind Deflectors, & Awnings: $65.00


  • Open: $45.00
  • Folded: $35.00

Tender Deck Painted & Weathered Wood: $45.00

Oil / Water Splashed: $30.00

Figure on Tender Deck: $45.00

Painted Smoke Box: $50.00

    Weathering Light: $110.00

    Weathering Medium: $110.00

    Weathering Heavy: $110.00

    Lettering: $100.00**

    Re-Lettering: $200.00**

    Radiator Curtains: $25.00

    Cab Awnings & Wind Deflectors: $65.00

    Weathering Light: $55.00

    Weathering Medium: $55.00

    Weathering Heavy: $55.00

    Lettering: $100.00**

    Re-Lettering: $150.00**

    Additional Figures: $25.00

    Decal Seats: $25.00

    Window Shades: $25.00

    "Watch Your Step" Decal: $8.00

    Interior Detail: $30.00

    Weathering Light: $55.00

    Weathering Medium: $55.00

    Weathering Heavy: $55.00

    Lettering: $100.00**

    Re-Lettering: $150.00**

     * Weathering price drops to $70 (engines) $50 (pass & rolling stock) when Lettering or Re-lettering is being applied.

    ** Lettering & Re-Lettering apply light weathering by default to help blend in and seal the decals.

    Repaint: Due to the complexity of a repaint, it will take some time to get confirmation from Harry on the price range for the work.

    Stripping Required: Starts at $300 - $500

    Undecorated/Unlettered: Starts at $250+

    Picture reference:

    Light Weathering

    Medium Weathering

    Heavy Weathering

    Cab Curtains, Wind Deflectors & Awnings

    Awning - Open


    Awnings - Closed


    Painted Smoke Box

    Enhanced Coal Load

    Tender Deck Painted & Weathered Wood

    Figure on Tender Deck

    Oil / Water Splashed


    Radiator Curtains


    Cab Awnings & Wind Deflectors

    Window Shades

    Interior Detail

    Additional Figures

    "Watch Your Step"

    Towel & Decals on Seat Backs