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[Cancelled] Atlas Run Cancellation List 0

We just got word from Atlas that the following runs have been cancelled due to a close of a factory. They will re-announce products as they are ready to make them in the future.

MrMuffin Visiting York! 0

Hey there everyone!

This April York, we will not have a booth, but Mr Muffin will be visiting and doing York drop offs for orders.

Friday April 5th is the last day to place your orders for York pick-up. Please call or send an email to place the order.

As we will not be selling at York, payment is required when the order is placed.

Mr Muffin is requesting anyone with a York pick-up meet with him at 11:30 on Thursday. If you are unable to meet him at that time, please provide us with a cell phone number, so alternate pickup arrangements can be made.


Why are we not at York?

Well MrMuffin is a really busy guy and has been booked with meetings and the like for early Saturday.

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[Cancelled] Items from the Lionel Big Book Catalog - 2019

[Cancelled] Items from the Lionel Big Book Catalog - 2019 0

Cancelled items from the 2019 - Lionel Big Book Catalog
[Cancelled] MTH FM TrainMaster Diesel Engine

[Cancelled] MTH FM TrainMaster Diesel Engine 0

Hey there Everyone!

We just wanted to let you know that the FM TrainMaster Diesel Locomotives has been canceled by MTH.

If you had an order for one please don't worry: we have updated your pre-order and removed it. If you paid for this item, you will get a refund.

MTH: Catalog - Vol 2 2018

Lionel Special Runs! We need your help to decide on what is next! 1

MrMuffin is at it again with another special run being planned to order from Lionel.
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We heard you!

We heard you! 0

Hey there everyone,

After countless emails/calls asking for an easier way to see what is actually in-stock or available for pre-order, we have finally been able to set up the filter to allow you to narrow down your choice from in-stock or pre-order.

This option will be displayed above the price menu and listed as availability.



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