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[Cancelled] Lionel LionChief FTB & AA Sets from 2019

Lionel LionChief FTB & AA Sets from 2019

[Cancelled] MTH SD70ACe Engines

The following MTH engines have been cancelled.

MTH 20-21490-1 Lackawanna SD70ACe Diesel Engine w/Proto-Sound 3.0 (Hi-Rail Wheels)

MTH 20-21489-1 Virginian SD70ACe Diesel Engine w/Proto-Sound 3.0 (Hi-Rail Wheels)


If you had orders containing this items, your order will be updated/refunded.

[NEWS] Pre-Order Policy

Due to an increase of non paid invoices we are striving to communicate our Pre-Order Policy.

Please visit our Pre-Order Policy Page here.

For any current customers that have yet to pay for their pre-orders you will be invoiced next week and a 30 day counter will be started for you.

If a down payment method is needed, you will be requested to clarify when you will be done paying so that we can accept your down payment request.

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[News] COVID-19 Update - May 12th

Effective May 12th, we are open again for in-store shopping and pickup. Please note that we are asking all visitors to wear a face mask securely covering the nose and mouth while in the store.
If you would prefer, you can still choose to have an brought to your car for curb-side pickup. If choosing to do so, We ask that you please pay for the order ahead of time, either via the website or by calling us with a credit card, and we will notify you when the item is ready for pick-up. Once at the store, give us a call at 765-292-2022 and we'll bring it to your car.

The layout will remain closed a little while longer. We appreciate your patience and cooperation.

To place a curbside pickup order, please add the following product to your cart:
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[News] COVID-19 Update - May 1st

COVID-19 Update
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[Sale] MTH Diesel Sale - Until Friday Night!

MTH Sale - Engine on Friday
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