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Lionel Special Runs! We need your help to decide on what is next! 1

MrMuffin is at it again with another special run being planned to order from Lionel.
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We heard you!

We heard you! 0

Hey there everyone,

After countless emails/calls asking for an easier way to see what is actually in-stock or available for pre-order, we have finally been able to set up the filter to allow you to narrow down your choice from in-stock or pre-order.

This option will be displayed above the price menu and listed as availability.



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Muffins on vacation! 0

Hey there everyone,

As you all know the shop and the layout are family run by the Muffins. We think it's time to get a little bit of TLC and head out for a few days.

MrMuffin will be running trains both Saturdays before and after our vacation, so no worries there!

Our Shop will be closed starting July 31st (Tuesday) and will re-open on Aug. 4th (Saturday).

Any online orders placed during this time will start shipping on Saturday Aug. 4th and continue on Tuesday Aug. 7th.

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[Cancelled] Dash 8-40B Locomotives - January 2015 Run

[Cancelled] Dash 8-40B Locomotives - January 2015 Run 0

Hey there Everyone!

We just wanted to let you know that the Dash 8-40B Locomotives has been canceled by Atlas.

If you had an order for one please don't worry: we have updated your pre-order and removed it. If you paid for this item, you will get a refund.

Atlas O: Dash 8-40B Locomotive Archive

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Website Update

Website Update 0

Hey there everyone,

Our website is currently being worked on to add a more easy to use menu filter. It's a bit bumpy at the moment but it will smooth out as we go along.

We apologize for any odd displays/results.

Update 6/6/2018:

Working on Product Type listing - this may take a while. - Done

Update 6/21/2018:

Road Name is a work in progress. More road names will appear as we see more products for it. 

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[News] The Muffin's @ York! - April 2018 0

The Muffins will be at York this coming Thursday thru Saturday! (19th - 21st)
Find us at the Orange Hall!
Korber is also present in the same booth!

Feel free to stop by and say "Hi"! 

Please note that we won't be running trains on Saturday (21st) due to being at York!
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