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MrMuffin'sTrains to host a Polar Express Celebration - 12/09/17

MrMuffin'sTrains to host a Polar Express Celebration - 12/09/17 0

A Polar Express Celebration - A live, interactive event!

MrMuffin'sTrains is hosting a live, with audience participation, reading of the Polar Express - with face painting; pictures with the conductor; food and fun. We start at 3:00pm running my Polar Express on my layout at 165 E Main Street, then move to the community center, and wrap up by 7:00pm so the families can enjoy the live music at the Atlanta Music Hall. Attendance is limited to the first 30 children registered - use the link below - and Merry Christmas!
Tickets are here:
  • Stephen Nelson
Lionel to make a special run Nickel Plate Berkshire #757 for MrMuffin'sTrains

Lionel to make a special run Nickel Plate Berkshire #757 for MrMuffin'sTrains 0

MrMuffin'sTrains announces a couple of special runs made by Lionel

With Lionel's 2018 Volume 1 Catalog out, we approached Lionel about making a couple of special runs for our customers, and Lionel has agreed!

The first is a scale Berkshire decorated for the Nickel Plate 757. You can read more about this engine, it's relocation and restoration, just below. 

Our engine, Lionel Legacy 6-85363 will be produced in a small number but be a fitting remembrance for this engine - one of five existing NKP Berkshires. The engine will feature all of the Legacy features of the announced Berkshires in the 2018 Volume 1 catalog.  With a list price of $1500, we are offering this exclusive run for $1349.99. No prepayment is required and the engine is expected in the 2Q2018 time frame. Please reserve yours here:

STRASBURG, Pa. — Officials with the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania say they'll soon transfer ownership of their historic Nickel Plate Road steam locomotive, S-3 class Berkshire 2-8-4 No. 757, to the Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum in Bellevue, Ohio. 

  • Stephen Nelson
The Muffin's Acquire 185 West Main Street for the Choo Choo Cafe

The Muffin's Acquire 185 West Main Street for the Choo Choo Cafe 0

What happens when you're having a good time watching and playing with trains? You get hungry!

So the Muffin's are planning to add a diner to main street serving breakfast and lunch for our guests visiting MrMuffin'sTrains. 

We plan to start renovation of this building in early 2018, and plan to open before the Nickel Plate Heritage Railroad commences service to and from Atlanta, Indiana - like late Spring, 2018.

  • Stephen Nelson
[Pre-Order] MTH 2018 Vol. 1

[Pre-Order] MTH 2018 Vol. 1 0

MTH Pre-orders are now available for Vol. 1 2018 Catalog.
Deadline: Dec. 1st, 2017
Link: Catalog
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[Event] Train Show @ Atlanta, IN

[Event] Train Show @ Atlanta, IN 0

The Muffins are hosting a Train Show in Atlanta, IN!
Admission is free to look around or shop!

Want a table to sell? It's only $5 to reserve a table! Just call us at 765.292.2022 or email!
When: Nov. 11, 2017
Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Location: Community Center @ Atlanta, IN

Plus a "Poker Run" for prizes
Visiting 4 Home Layouts with a "Hungry Hobo" Kid's Lunch
Kids - $8 each, including lunch
Parents - $2 plus a la carte pizza & salad
Grandparents - Free - and they can buy pizza slices too!

Common Questions:

Q: What size are the tables?

A: 8 feet

Q: Where is the Community Center in Atlanta?

A: 100 W Walton

Q: When is setup time for sellers?

A: 9:00 am

Q: Any food available?

A: We will have Lunch available


  • Stephen Nelson
[News] The Muffin's @ York!

[News] The Muffin's @ York! 1

The Muffins will be at York this coming Thursday thru Saturday! (19th - 21st)
Find us at the Orange Hall, BB9!
Korber is also present in the same booth!

Feel free to stop by and say "Hi"! 

Please note that we won't be running trains on Saturday (21st) due to being at York!
  • Stephen Nelson