Layout History

Our 3rd Public Layout: "In-Progress."

This layout fills a 60' by 40' space and has the ability that one can walk into it and be surrounded by trains. When complete, it will feature 12 independent loops of track. My goal, while running command control, is to eventually run 50 trains at once. 

Our 2nd Public Layout: "Retired"

Located in Carmel, Indiana and visited by thousands of guests, this layout was 60' in length and nearly 26' wide. Featuring a big "U" design, you could walk almost all the way around it. Here we had three levels of track and 7 independent loops. At the peak, we ran 30 trains at one time - and it was noisy!

This layout was featured in Classic Toy Trains and was video'd by TM Books and Video and O Gauge Railroading. We were featured in several greater Indianapolis area newspaper articles, and had TV crews broadcast from our location on three occasions.

We also helped host the LCCA Annual Convention with hundreds of visitors to our layout.

Our 1st Public Layout: "Retired"

Also located in Carmel, Indiana, this layout was our first public layout and occupied about 1000 square feet in a building located right on the old Monon right of way. It took 6 months to build and only lasted 18 months before we decided we needed more room. 

Our 2nd Layout - In our home "Retired"

We built this layout consuming the finished basement of our home in Carmel. With frequent open houses for neighbors and other interested groups, we got the idea to relocate to a public space for more room and more guests. This picture was featured in Classic Toy Trains as a two page spread.