In-Store Pickup Update - Revised 8/11/2021


As of today, any in-store pick up orders will be held for 7 business day.

Once you receive an email notifying you that your items are ready for pick up, we will hold your order for 7 days, after which the order will be canceled. 

If your order was paid for, there will be a 15% restocking fee if you fail to pick up your order within the allotted time frame.


Due to the amount of confusion this has caused we have revised our in-store pick up to be 14 days instead of the 7 business days.

This will also put the pick ups in line with our pre-order payment requests.

The 15% restocking fee will stay the same.

As usual we request that you contact us before the time limit is hit to make arrangements. 

Why was this implemented?


We have implemented this change due to limited space on our pick-up shelf, and a change in payment policies from the manufacturers. As we have a limited time frame to pay them, we also need to implement a time frame on payment for orders.