[News] About Mikados, Greenbriers, and Customization Services

Hey there everyone,

We have receive a lot of contacts about the Greenbriers, and the only update we can give you is that they are on the way.

Lionel mixed up several outgoing shipments to multiple distributors. These had to be sent back to Lionel to be re-inventoried, re-sorted, and re-shipped. They are still missing one pallet containing our engines, mostly the L1 Mikados, but are actively working to locate it. Our distributor has finally received his shipment, and is expecting 3 pallets of product, including the Greenbriers and available Mikados, will ship to us the week of 8/7. We are currently expecting it here the end of this week, or some time the week of 8/14.

Customization Service:

At this moment we aren't accepting any new customizations so that Harry can finish up all of last year's projects. He had been back-logged due to his health and surgery/recovery, but is working through this back-log. Many of you that have been waiting on customizations have recently received shipping notice; he is expecting to have the rest done within the coming weeks. Once all projects are completed we will re-open the customization service again. If you want something customized, we ask that you wait.

This includes the recently-released undecorated cabooses. If you would like one customized, please hold off on your purchase until we re-open customization services.

For those waiting on the woodside caboose customized for Boston & Albany to match the Lionel Berkshire: the cabooses are here and set aside for you. Once the Berkshires release, we'll match the green paint and send them to Harry to be repainted. Lionel has these Berkshires on their shipping schedule for a March, 2024, arrival.