Update on Lionel 0-4-0

Comparison between old and new details


The A5 locomotives that were offered in the 2022 Volume 1 catalog (pgs 32-33) have been given a facelift!  The Lionel Production Team has been working hard to give these locomotives a great updated look!

These locomotives will be retaining all of the features from the original offering including:

  1. LEGACY and Bluetooth control
  2. LEGACY Railsounds
  3. Wired tether between loco and tender for better electrical pickup
  4. Dual ElectroCouplers
  5. Fan-driven stack smoke
  6. Standard features such as cab figures, LED lights, etc.


The improved external features will include: 

  1. Tender body lowered to prototypical height
  2. Working marker lights on tender and pilot beam
  3. Drop plate between locomotive and tender
  4. Increased number of separately applied detail parts on locomotive and tender including:
  5. Johnson bar and air piping below running boards
  6. Throttle lever
  7. Sand lines
  8. Electrical conduits
  9. Front wall cab details
  10. Additional railings, grab irons and steps
  11. Cab platforms
  12. Air compressor and air lines
  13. Builders plates


Lionel anticipates delivery to be in the 2nd quarter of 2024.