Website Updates

[Website] Customer Account Changes

We are working to get the customer account page to be more useful to anyone that has one.

Features that are still active:

- PDF Receipt - Easily download pdf files of your orders.

- Update shipping address on your unshipped orders via the account page. (Function Restored)

- Auctions - view your active or won auctions (Function Restored)

The following features have been added:

- Email Update - You can now updated your email address when you are logged into your account.

- Password Update - You can now updated your password when you are logged into your account.

- Better Order View - Be able to see your orders easier.

- View Order Notes - Able to see notes left on the order.

- Draft Invoices - You will be able to see your draft invoices in your account page when you log in. (Starts with a D)

- Payment Request - Orders that require payment will have a pay now button in the order page.

The following features are currently being worked on:


- Filtering Open / Pending Orders from Closed and Canceled. - Will be done by the end of 2022

- Payment Due Date visibility - currently being looked into. No ETA.