While we have been busy collecting our reefers and coveting the big steamers we have acquired, somehow we also have added over 300 models of diesel engines and electrics along the way. Most, if not all, are from the early days of the dieselization of America's railroads - so there aren't any modern diesels in our collection.

We have diesels from Lionel, of course, with their recent highly detailed scale offerings like the S-2 and the H-16-44. We have several from MTH Electric Trains including the EMD F-3's in Delaware, Lackawanna and Western - one of my favorites - and GE "U-Boats". In addition to the Lionel and MTH units, we have several really beautiful ALCo Road Switchers from both Atlas O and Weaver. 

Again, our focus has been on eastern roads - please take a look!

Pictures of some of our Diesels: