Our collection includes over a hundred of Lionel's,  MTH's, 3rd Rail's and Weaver's finest steam engine models.

All of our steamers, except Weaver's John Wilke's and the 3rd Rail B&O EM-1 and PRR T-1, are of very recent production and include either MTH's Digital Control System (DCS) or Lionel's Trainmaster Command Control (TMCC) / Legacy Control System so that we can enjoy not only the sounds and smoke of these big engines, but the operating flexibility of running command control. In essence, we can run multiple engines on the same stretches of track, individually controlling each through a hand held unit. When we have 10 or maybe 12 steamers running at once - its quite loud and there's a lot of smoke -  plus we are plenty busy keeping track of them all!

Pictures of some of our Steam Engines: