MTH 50-1034 - DCS WiFi Unit

MTH 50-1034 - DCS WiFi Unit

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Product Information

  • Product #: 50-1034
  • Product Line: DCS
  • Release: 07/2023

Full Operator's Manual: PDF

The Quick Start Guide: PDF

The DCS WiFi Companion TMCC/Legacy Expert: PDF

Google Play: Website

Apple App Store: Website

DCS WIU Firmware 1.1: Form to Download

DCS 6.1 Software: Form to Download

DCS 5.0 Consumer Loader Software: Form to Download

  • Simple Setup
  • Stand Alone or Network Operating Modes
  • Accessible from iOS or Android Smart Phones and Tablets
  • 802.11n
  • LED Indicators
  • Operates On Standard AC Wall Power
  • Includes Power Supply
  • Includes USB Cable
  • Requires TIU Updated With DCS Software Code 5.0
  • Unit Measures:25x35 mm

Imagine having control over your model railroad from any iOS or Android phone or tablet. How much more convenient would operating your model railroad be with the same device you use throughout your daily life? The large, bright full-color screens found on today's smart phones and tablets are perfect for accessing the DCS features found inside your Proto-Sound 2.0 and 3.0 locomotives. Better yet, the expanded range and speed of wifi would ensure that your trains respond to DCS commands faster and more reliably than ever before.

When paired with M.T.H.'s DCS App and our new DCS WiFi Module, you no longer have to imagine controlling your model railroad with your phone, you can!

The DCS WiFi Module plugs into any DCS Track Interface Unit (TIU) and provides the user with wifi control over the layout when used with the M.T.H. DCS Mobile App. Setup is simple and quick and the module can be configured as a stand alone unit or easily combined into an existing wifi network.

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