MTH 50-1039 - ProtoSound DCS WiFi Digital Command System 2

MTH 50-1039 - ProtoSound DCS WiFi Digital Command System 2

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Product Information

  • Product Line: DCS
  • Scale: O Scale, HO Scale
  • Estimated Release: August 2024 - Latest Update
  • Requires an iOS or Android Smart Device
  • Broadcasts it's own WiFi Signal - no Home WiFi needed
  • 4 input/output channels (requires separately sold AC or DC power supplies)
  • Compatible with past DCS Remote Handheld units (50-1002 and 50-1038) using separately sold cable connecting the remote to the WTIU

The full DCS Digital Command System is an all-encompasing network of components that brings true interactive wireless control to a model railroad. Users utilize their own smart device — iOS or Android — and an intutive app to run multiple tracks, hundreds of trains and control switches and accessories. Bi-directional communication between locomotives and the system’s WTIU WiFi Track Interface Unit makes adding and programming locomotives simple and easy. No more ID numbers to remember and no complex icons to decipher. It’s fast, it’s easy and it’s fun!

The all-new WTIU combines a wifi module and a track interface unit into one unit. Featuring four channels, the new WTIU can now control conventional DC locomotives by varying DC power to the track, allowing the user to control command and non-command equipped locomotives on the same track at the same time. The WTIU sets up in seconds and doesn’t require a home WiFi system to operate. It can control accessories and switches when connected to the separately sold AIU Accessory Interface Unit and can receive commands from an unlimited number of smart devices.

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