Lionel 6-81499 - LCS DB9 Cable w/ Power Supply

Lionel 6-81499 - LCS DB9 Cable w/ Power Supply

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Product Information

  • Brand: Lionel
  • Power: Electric
  • Most Recent Catalog: 2016-2017 Track and Power
  • LCS Power Supply with DB9 Cable

Layout Control System "Starter cable"

Each LCS installation requires exactly one 6-81499 LCS Power Supply with DB9 Cable. This cable provides power for the control electronics of each LCS component in your installation. At one end, there's a DB9 serial cable to connect to your Lionel Command Base. The second cable end has an LCS PDI connector at the end of a 10' cable. This connects to the first LCS device in your installation. Finally, the third connection goes to the LCS power supply. This external power is passed through the LCS PDI cable and you can power dozens of LCS devices from it.

When you add a second and subsequent LCS device to your installation, you'll need additional LCS PDI cables (see related products). Each piece of LCS hardware connects to the next in a daisy-chain fashion, using these cables, which are available in 1', 3', 10' and 20' lengths.

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