Atlas O 3002075 - 40' GATX Airslide Hopper "Conrail" (2-Rail)

Atlas O 3002075 - 40' GATX Airslide Hopper "Conrail" (2-Rail)

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Product Information

  • Road Name: Conrail (Green)
  • Road Number: 878746, 878752
  • System: 2-Rail
  • Product Line: Atlas O 
  • Scale: O Scale
  • Estimated Release: 3rd Quarter 2020

Two road numbers are available per road name.

  • True 1/4" scale dimensions and details
  • Realistic see-through roof walks and brake wheel platform
  • Separately-applied grab irons and brake line details
  • Sprung die-cast 70-ton roller-bearing or Bettendorf trucks (depending on the road name)
  • Opening hatches
  • Minimum radius curve (2-rail): 24"
  • Scale 33" wheels and Kadee® compatible scale couplers (2-rail)

The airslide covered hopper was introduced by General American Transportation Corporation (GATX) in 1953. Approx. 5000 of the 2600 cu. ft. cars were built between that year and 1969.

The airslide is primarily designed for the bulk shipment of dry, granular or powdered commodities. The design of that car is such that it can be loaded and unloaded quickly and with little spillage through the use of air pressure.

The most common commodities carried include: flour, sugar, starch, plastic pellets, cement, powdered chemicals and carbon black.

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