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Scenic Express EX889B - Earth Blend - 32 Oz.

Scenic Express EX889B - Earth Blend - 32 Oz.

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EARTH BLEND - 32 oz shaker bottle. Because of its earthy color go ahead and use it anywhere on the layout. By laying a base near a structure you are quickly draw to the edges where the Earth Blend meets the building or drifts off into the grassy or vegetative boarders. Add some other tones from of Fine Flock & Turf to enhance the scene. The convenient 32oz sifter-shaker bottle allows you to control the right amount of product you wish to apply. Layering textures is the key when working with our Flock & Turf products. The Earth Blend is the ideal texture when you need to feather the edges together with a grassy surface. One of the best features for your layout is to use the Earth Blend as a sparse layering near a grassy surface showing a worn part of the lawn. Near a high traffic area would be best. A pathway to school through a yard gives the viewer a peek inside the life going on in your towns. The industrial scenes on your layout will also benefit from the Earth Blend. Creating parking lots, sandlots, open fields and more, the Earth Blend is your go-to blend!

Earth Blend is perfect for simulated river bottoms. Layer your base with rock, lay down some small twigs and river debris to bring life to the scene. You can mix the Earth Blend with softer or bolder tones giving you s mix of colors that wrk well together.

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