Lionel 2227550 - Vision Line Horse Cars "Pennsylvania" #5024
Lionel 2227550 - Vision Line Horse Cars "Pennsylvania" #5024
Lionel 2227550 - Vision Line Horse Cars "Pennsylvania" #5024
Lionel 2227550 - Vision Line Horse Cars "Pennsylvania" #5024
Lionel 2227550 - Vision Line Horse Cars "Pennsylvania" #5024
Lionel 2227550 - Vision Line Horse Cars "Pennsylvania" #5024

Lionel 2227550 - Vision Line Horse Cars "Pennsylvania" #5024

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Product Information

Announced Date: Jan 2022
Released Date: Oct 2022
Individually Boxed: Yes
  • Rail Line: Pennsylvania
  • Road Number: 5024
  • Gauge: O Gauge 
  • Min Curve: O54
  • Dimensions: Length: 19"
  • Most Recent Catalog: 2022 Big Book
  • Plays dialog when stopped with three different stop scenarios (loading, watering, unloading)
  • LED interior lighting
  • Kinematic couplers
  • Die-cast trucks
  • Scale coupler compatible
  • Legacy Control
  • Volume control
  • Max/Min switch
  • Legacy RailSounds

Racehorses riding the rails? It was a bigger business than you'd expect! For over a century the railroads were the safest and fastest way to move these valuable thoroughbreds across the country to various racetracks and events. A commodity this valuable would never be trusted to standard stock cars and over a dozen railroads had specialized cars for this service. Cars were typically designed similar to express baggage cars for handling on passenger train schedules and consists. Opening end doors were another common feature which made the cars more versatile for carriages, stage props or other large objects. In many cases, the horse stalls could be collapsed allowing a wide open interior for nearly any type of load which kept these cars in service year round. Unlike people, racehorses didn't change cars if their journey took them across multiple rail lines, states or even international boundaries. So seeing a Pennsylvania horse car on a crack Santa Fe passenger train or vice versa was nothing unusual. Our new VISION Racehorse cars aren't based on any specific prototype but carry common features from multiple roads including six wheel trucks and end doors. Although the majority of these cars were over 80' in length, we've stayed with a 72' version to make this fun car fit more layouts and consists. Like other VISION rollingstock, this car features realistic and fun sound sets which can be controlled in motion or at three different stop scenarios: loading, watering, and unloading. (Despite the plush quarters and traveling attendants, the animals would still have to stop periodically to stretch while cars were restocked and cleaned.) You'll also get realistic train sounds while in motion and of course the occasional neigh or whinnie from the occupants! These fun cars are the perfect addition to any passenger train to add to your operations and are sure to start a conversation!

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