Walthers 904-299 - Goo Tube - 1 oz
Walthers 904-299 - Goo Tube - 1 oz

Walthers 904-299 - Goo Tube - 1 oz

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Product Information

  • Product #: 904-299
  • Product Line: Walthers 
  • Size: 1 Oz


    GOO(R) is the all-purpose adhesive that grips almost anything. It never lets go. GOO is perfect for building or repairing jobs on your layout and around the house. The easy contact action of GOO produces fast-setting joints with any material. GOO works with all types of metals including steel, brass, aluminum, copper and more. It also works on plastic, wood cardboard, china, leather, vinyl, ceramics, paper, concrete and many more surfaces. GOO is a permanent rubber base adhesive that's shockproof-it's as flexible as rubber. Joints won't crack when flexed back and forth, won't break loose when the temperature changes and won't weaken when wet or damp. It sticks forever!
    For more precise applications of GOO right from the tube, pick up a pack of Micro Tips (#904-302)! Easily added to GOO tubes or most any 3/16" diameter glue nozzle, the end c an be trimmed for a faster/wider application if needed.

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