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Woodland Scenics JP5702 - Just Plug - Expansion Hub

Woodland Scenics

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Product Specification:

  • Product #: JP5702
  • Product Line: Just Plug Lighting System


  • 1 - CTRL Port Plug (installed)
  • 1 - Expansion Hub - 3 3/8"l x 1 5/16"w x 7/8"d (8.57 cm x 3.33 cm x 2.22 cm)
  • 4 - Connecting Cables 48" (121 cm) ea
  • Double-sided Mounting Tape 1" x 2 1/2" (2.54 cm x 6.35 cm)
  • 2 - Mounting Screws
  • Instructions


  • Connect up to 4 Light Hubs
  • Includes 4 Connecting Cables
  • Easily add Auxiliary Switch


Use the Expansion Hub to connect up to 4 Light Hubs, expanding your Just Plug Lighting System quickly and easily. Includes four Connecting Cables for connecting Lights Hubs. Add an optional Auxiliary Switch for convenient operation.

Powering Your Light System
You will need one Just Plug Power Supply (JP5770 US, JP5771 Euro, JP5772 UK, or JP5773 Aus/NZ) to power up to 50 lights on your light system, or if you want to power your system from a train power pack, purchase Connecting Cables (JP5760).

About Just Plug Lighting System

No electrical knowledge or special tools needed...just plug and you're done! The Just Plug® Lighting System is a quick and easy way to add realism and interest to new and existing layouts and other projects. 


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