MrMuffin'sTrains' Coloring Contest July 2019

We have another coloring contest for your young train enthusiast, and a chance to win a O Gauge ready-to-run train set!

How to enter:

Deadline: Sept. 2nd

Drawing must contain: A Train, and the word "Welcome to MrMuffin'sTrains!"

On the back of the drawing: Name and Shipping Address

How to submit your entry:

Drop off:

MrMuffin's Trains Layout - Saturdays (10-3pm)

MrMuffin's Trains Shop - Tuesday-Friday (10-5pm) Saturday (10-3pm)

Ship to:

P.O. Box 233

Atlanta, IN 46031

Email to:

Ready-To-Run Collection:

Take a look at the possible winning options here!